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Hate Sports? Here’s 6 reasons why you should try pole

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Our lives are becoming increasingly sedentary. With a worryingly large amount of jobs and careers based behind a desk and hunched over the computer it’s no wonder the majority of the population is finding it hard to keep moving. With tight shoulders, neck tension, and back pain it may even be hard to start moving in the first place. Here are a few reasons why Pole Fitness might be something that will get you into action:

Reason 1

It doesn’t feel like an exercise class! What if there was a way of working out that made you feel so fulfilled that you forget it was even a fitness class? Think about laughing so much that you don’t even realize your muscles are getting stronger or your legs are getting bendier.  All of these things can be guaranteed to happen to you after a month of pole fitness classes. 

Reason 2

The people you will meet in a Pole Fit class will become friends for life. You will share stories about your pole bruises, (which are inevitable). You will push one another to become better polars in a room full of what feels like personal cheerleaders. Just don’t be surprised when you hear a roar of excitement from your new friends because someone achieved a new move. 

Reason 3

Knowing you are in safe hands. A great instructor will make you feel welcome and at ease, even if you are feeling strange about wearing the shortest pair of shorts you own during your first class. She will take you through a warm up, cool down and be there for you when learning new moves. There are no silly questions in Pole Fit and don’t worry… she is used to being kicked in the face. 

Reason 4

Feel like you belong! Pole Fit is the best place for exercise misfits! The ones who are sick of bouncing about in a Zumba or never really found a class they enjoyed. Pole Fit is the place to find solace in learning a new skill. You will start to develop goals you never knew were possible and discover a way to enjoy moving and exercising again.

Reason 5

Time to take control. Eventually Pole Fitness develops into a hobby, not just a method to keep off the extra kilos. It is a way of taking back control over your body and learning it is possible to enjoy spinning, climbing and inverting after never enjoying ‘fitness’ before. Suddenly being sweaty or sore doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is nailing that next move.

Reason 6

It takes you places! Personally I have been poling for over 3 years now and I have had wonderful experiences learning and teaching in the UK which is my home country. I have had opportunities to compete and performing on big stages in front of audiences which makes my heart pound. I have made ‘pole friends’ all over the world. The magic and community of Pole has bought me here to Egypt to experience a new culture and make more incredible new friends. All of this just because I decided to go to my first Pole Fit class!

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