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5 True stories on how Pole fitness can make your life easier

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When talking about Pole fitness benefits, the things that will firstly cross your mind is weight loss, burning calories, or stress. However, Pole fitness can help you in daily situations. Read some true relevant stories below.

1- You don’t need to break the door of your villa/apartment to be able to get in

It’s no surprise that one of our students actually climbed a lamp post to enter her house from the window after forgetting the keys inside. The strength you need to climb a pole is usually underestimated. It’s a full workout in one move. From your shoulders and arms pulling you up to your legs pushing and making sure you won’t fall all the way to your core keeping your balance. If you can climb a pole, you can probably climb anything.

2- But you could break the door if needed!

That’s a personal story. My 4 year old locked himself in the bedroom and couldn’t open it. After trying for 1 hour we were about to call the locksmith to break the lock when I decided to put the door down. Some family members (men) though I was delusional and laughed at the situation, but it actually took me 2 kicks. One to try and understand the dynamics of breaking a door and one to break it. I didn’t know I had that much strength. I guess nobody did. God bless squats and guys.. watch out!

3- Independence

Can you imagine how liberating it feels to be able to open pickles jars, push the car that is blocking your way, carry your own luggage, push the furniture around and even change a tire alone? Well, Pole dancing is a great sport to develop upper body strength. With most of the spins you will need to hang from the pole, meaning your whole weight is being used to develop muscles from your shoulders to your fingers. At first it feels like you are not doing much but in a matter of a month you can start saying hello to your new muscles and bye bye to having to beg for help.

4- Be a better mom

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Pole dancing actually made me a better mom in many ways. 3 boys are a messy thing to handle, emotionally and physically. Well, I am glad to to inform you that if you can dance in heels for 1 hour, running around the house barefoot is a piece of cake. You have so much more stamina and patience because poling makes you happy and you cannot be a good mom if you are not happy about being a woman first. And you can always practice floor work while saving the toys.

5- You can eat #likeaboy

And you will! Trust me. Pole fitness burns about 400 calories per hour in beginners level and up to 700 in intermediate. You can easily work out for 2 hours straight and most of our students do. Ready to skip that salad and go for some real food?

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