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I Don't Need A Man - Nicole

I Don't Need A Man - Nicole

120min Workshop
In Garden City

Don't tell Mint we're doing this, BUT bring your heels out and lets play. For the FIRST time ever in heels, unleash the sexy beast inside of you, because you are finally allowed to break and make the rules! Learn how to express your sensuality and connect with your inner Goddess. In 120min of Nicole, you will learn: the deeds of improvisation; how to let go, and drop on the pole, your performance will be nourished with new transitions and will help you learn how to move in-between the moves. This is not Sense, this is not floor-work, this is not you performing within yourself, this is you performing for your audience, communicating with your spectator. Learn how to say 'You are here, but I am the BOSS' using only your body. You are consumed with yourself and your EGO is indestructible.  

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Later Event: November 23
Joana Silva Camp