Pole Fit Egypt is a private pole studio. Our members come from all ages, circles and walks of life; they all share one common trait: a desire to pole.

At Pole Fit Egypt, pole is not regarded only as a form of exercise or dance, but also as a medium of getting to know your body intimately.

Our aim is to bring women together to celebrate their femininity freely and comfortably. Our classes inspire women to slither out of their comfort zone, subconsciously helping them to learn to embrace their feminine physique. It is a continuous learning process for women to connect with their bodies, and a psychological challenge of "letting go".
All of our Polars know how to cheer, support, laugh, have fun and aspire to let go! 

Familiarize yourself with our studio and the world of Pole Fit by signing up for a beginners class now. Don't wait until tomorrow for what can be done today!

Upcoming Workshops