Am I too old/overweight/weak?

You're never too old to take up pole! We teach pupils in their 50's and 60's! We will help you lose weight and gain strength. So, the simple answer is NO! Everyone starts somewhere!

What is the difference between pole dancing and Pole Fitness?

Pole dancing is a form of entertainment, with a goal to amuse others. There is a misconception that pole fitness is associated with stripping, which is definitely not the case. At Pole Fit Egypt (keyword being fitness) we focus on the true athletic side of working with a pole. We strive for strength, grace and body control,  not necessarily sexuality.

What should I wear? 

Wear what you feel comfortable in that does not restrict movement. You do not need to wear shorts for the first few lessons, however, exposing skin on the legs (and arms) allows you to grip onto the pole, rather than slip off. If you feel shy about wearing shorts you can wear tracksuit trousers at first! We advise the more advanced Polar participants to wear tight-fitting shorts and have their arms exposed. This enables you to have more grip whilst executing certain techniques on the pole - especially ones where you must clamp the pole between your legs or under your arms. If you do not have any, we sell PFE shorts specifically designed for pole fitness classes.

The classes are barefoot or with ballerina shoes, so, wear what you feel comfortable in upon arrival and, no, we don't wear heels! If you do not have appropriate shoes and don't want to be barefoot, we sell shoes specifically designed for pole fitness classes.

What shouldn't i wear?

No oils or lotions on the skin 24 hours prior to your class. They will make you slip off the pole!

Please remove any jewelry as this may scratch the poles and damage your jewelry.


Can my boyfriend or friend come watch me in class?

No!  Please keep in mind there are others participating in class who will not feel comfortable with this. Pole Fit Egypt does NOT allow spectators, visitors or children to classes. There are no exceptions. Please do not ask.  It is also strictly for woman only.

I am shy to pole dance in a group setting, what are some other options?

It is normal to feel shy when you start anything new, but once you come to a class and experience the positive and encouraging energy among the other students we are sure you will have a great time and be at ease. If you are still hesitant, try a private session to build up your confidence and get one on one support. You may also choose to bring a friend to a private session.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Make sure you bring your own water bottle, we have extra water for refills. A towel is recommended. You will get sweaty! We also have our own small towels for sale in the shop.

If you are asthmatic please bring your own inhaler and let your instructor know where it is so she can access it if need be.

Do not eat any later than two hours prior to your class. This can help for some people who experience motion sickness!

While you are perfecting new moves on the pole there is a risk that you will get bruises and/or friction burns. Some people bruise more easily than others.

How much does a Pole Fitness class cost?

The costs of a lesson can differ between the different locations and packages.

How do I book a Pole Fitness classes?

If you are new to Pole Fit Egypt you can fill out this form and we will contact you with all the information you need to book a class.

If you are already in our system, you can book your next lesson "here" or under "Online booking" in our navigation bar.

I have back/neck/shoulder/wrist problems, is Pole Fitness still suitable for me?

Seek medical advice from your doctor when in doubt about whether or not you can join Pole lessons. If you are seeing a physiotherapist, he or she can inform you on the pro's and con's regarding the workout and whether you should pursue it further.

Will I get injured?

As with any new sport there are risks. All of our instructors are certified professionals and we ask that you listen to their directions and safety advice.

The above page is general advice and Pole Fit Egypt accepts no liability resulting from any advice taken from this page. If you have any particular concerns please consult your doctor as soon as possible.